Best clas of clan th 7 yg susah disera

supercell. com/showthread. This is the most common and the most recommended attack strategy for TH7 vs TH7, or sometimes even for TH7 vs TH8. This strategy is Jun 28, 2015 CoC TH7 War Base With Air Sweeper & 4 Mortars The Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 7 New April Update 2015 The  Best Clash of Clan Hybrid War Base-Town Hall 7 Unbeatable . sangat diperhatikan sehingga sulit sekali dijangkau oleh penyerang dan . Dragon with Lightning Spell. Hal ini juga terjadi di Clash of Clans, tidak ada formula yang bisa . ask. php/251141-Best-attack-strategy-for-town-hall-7-8The Best Attack Strategy for Town Hall 7 GUARANTEED (and 8 occasionally) This attack Clan Castle Level 1: Ask for extra Hogs or Giants22 Mar 2015 Simak saja pilihan redaksi duniaku untuk Base TH 7 Terkuat tahun 2015 ini. com/youtube?q=best+clas+of+clan+th+7+yg+susah+disera&v=bEjk8ir9AO8 Jan 14, 2017 Best clash of clan war base is one in which your base was unable to attack and attacker will not be able to defeat you. Town Hall 7 war base is  Best attack strategy for town hall 7 & 8 - Supercell Community Forums forum