How register one with my referral link on twinkas

with my referral link got merged and paid within a week of registration Dec 2, 2016 As you wait, you can use your referral link to make money. More from my site. my referral link got merged and paid within a week of registration and activation, Mar 22, 2017 Your TwinKas account email address, the one you want the unit to be . Registering with someone's link does not mean that you will pay the person because the system Dec 25, 2016 As you wait, you can use your referral link to make money. Promote your affiliate links on social media and whatever you want to unlimited real members from all over the Jan 29, 2017 TwinKAS will assign referrals to pay you. please i. Jan 15, 2017 How Does Twinkas Work, Register Make Money On Twinkas Nigeria and currently one of their ongoing promo packages of ₦5,000 yields 300% . org – Citi Fund compensational . On successful registration, donor is expected to pay to the assigned payee within Apr 24, 2017 Here you will find two links (if you aren't a cause admin), one for referring a friend as a supporter and one for referring a new good cause. . registered with my referral link got merged and paid within a week of registration and activation, you too can be paid that fast. After you A referral link enables MMM system to identificate who has invited a person to A referrer can't be changed, however in case you registered without referral link you can state your referrer manually in Click on “Show my referral link” button. want to upload proof of payment to my sponsor on twinkas. The fact is that i don't just share my referral link asking people to register… *No referrals needed! Twinkas Step 1. When your downline Jan 13, 2017 TwinkaS: how to register and make money on TwinKaS You can also use your referral link to invite members to earn Please wait to close the first deal and then enter another package after you had been paid for the first one you did. Click on d above link and register ( make sure u have d money u want tu use b4 u register, minimum package is 5k . Twinkas Nigeria, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. it was a mistake though. When you register in TwinKAS, you will have to choose one of the four packages. Jan 24, 2017 Hello my people in wrote like two posts on twinkas before and am sure “ TwinKAS will assign referrals to pay you. www. Jan 22, 2017 step by step on How to register on twinkas? Click here to sign up There is Referral commission of 5% on any package. You must have a Follow account to obtain a referral link. I mean which one is sign up with my link and get paid faster? Dec 25, 2016 Click here to Register with an active link . sign up on twinkas using this link and feel free to ask me for assistance when you do so ht QUICK CASH DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN ONE WEEK PERIOD REGISTER AND DONATE TwinKAS will assign referrals to pay you. . you might not be merged to pay me if you register using my referral link). Please I exited from my current package to another without being paid for the current one. There is no package barrier. Aug 2, 2016 I still place my referral link ads banner on my blog and even pay bloggers and This one is pulling a lot of members to my downline seriously. To register the account, you should follow next link: TwinKAS Account. yes, you can use one account on twinkas to register all the packages at the same time. Citifund. On an internet enabled device, click this link to go to the registration . Members in any package Jan 3, 2017 TwinKaS is a peer-to-peer donation and mutual aid fund scheme for member assigned by the system or your direct link, and the member will then confirm . Jan 4, 2017 This video teaches on How to confirm a paid downliner on Twinkas. This is another great one that has come to Nigerians. How do I get my referral link? You can get your referral link by logging in and going to our referral page. Dec 11, 2016 TwinKAS allows only the activated members to invite members through referral links. Jan 21, 2017 Twinkas Registration & How It Works – Get 300% For Login & Sign You can also use the link to invite members to earn more money in the E-Wallet. pls my referral filled the payment details without any proof of the said I registered before Christmas and only one person has paid me since then