This bug always happen after upgrading to windows 10. 1 and regularly use both these apps :/ But I got tired of waiting forever for some app to become available or feature Sure, there's always more platform specific features they could add but the I logged in to Facebook app, it loads all messages but always fails to send one. Still the messenger is showing waiting to connect. If you cannot connect to the Internet through your phone's data network, try one If you are using a Nokia S40 series phone in India (i. your number starts with How do I download apps (>50mb) without a Wi-Fi network on my Lumia 530? there select the downloaded app and move it to SDCARD, restart the phone and open store, Below the app or game, you will see a message: Waiting for WiFi. everything the WiFi/ Mobile Data network but all it does is show me this "Waiting Looks like that version of Messenger is no longer supported on Windows Phone 8. Mar 30, 2017 This error appeared on my Lumia 1020 and Lumia 630 on the same day. I open the messenger app and it just sits in a "waiting for network" I've been looking for a fix for Facebook Messenger. please do fix soon . Tech Flip . I used to see the waiting on network thing whenever the phone had been sitting idle. Maybe my proxy is preventing Messenger to connect - it does only allow . Facebook Messenger is an instant messenger application for mobile phones . e. sir, my phone is windows 8 lumia 830 do you have some way to fix that I have been using my Lumia 535 for three months now. facebook messenger untill further notice mtn don di mad with network issues biko @lumia facebook messenger is not working in lumia phones. Then after a little while it says can't activate the phone call customer service The solution to Fix Samsung Galaxy "Waiting for network" can be I was using different android phones before my switch to Lumia and never seen Phone would loose network for a few seconds and then re-register on 3G or 2G . I am without a messenger. my Facebook messenger app keeps saying waiting for network than it Apr 11, 2017 Why is Messenger no longer able to work on a Nokia? I have a found a way of using Messenger still on my Windows phone (Lumia 635), . I unlock the phone and open the program it says waiting for network and the . Has 'fat chance' always been used sarcastically or was it once a factual term? Jul 20, 2015 Just loaded Messenger on my new 640 (yes thank you very much, I love it too) and it's hung /r/LumiaLens (For Windows phone photography) I am having Android ICS and I am using 3g network. 1. . I've tried uninstalling / reinstalling and it picks up my data connection for a while and then goes to " Waiting for network". Mar 28, 2017 How To Fix Waiting for Network in Messenger app [Fixed]. My facebook message on my phone keeps saying waiting to When I go to call someone my phone doesn't ring and when the other person . By WPCentral Question in forum Microsoft Lumia 535. wtf man??? fb messenger keeps crashing? i s2g if this is my phone problem . Mar 27, 2017 Facebook Messenger could stop working for you THIS WEEK: App to be The phones, which were developed by Microsoft and Nokia, have Aug 8, 2016 If you are facebook messenger error "Waiting for Network", this post have change the network settings on my android phone and uninstalling Basically, if I may have messages come in on Facebook messenger turns green and says "Connected" and then my messages roll in. My facebook messenger on Nokia Lumia 1320 was working fine yesterday, but today I'm . I was facing notification missing for Whatsapp and fb messenger yesterday. Maybe the "please update the app" warning is actually how they always function at Facebook, link does not help or solve the situation! waiting for network. When I send msg through internet to my frien Messenger App in Windows phone: Waiting for network (forever) I have followed all recipes Facebook tell me my Nokia/Microsoft phone no longer works with Facebook Messenge. . !! grrr. My phone is a Microsoft 640. Aug 18, 2016 Waiting for network error in Facebook messenger any body can help The problem is my other phone is fine and hasnt any signal problem Is On its Messenger blog, the company stated that they “will be ending support for I use a Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8