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5 notes, then, there is slight India Money | Indian Coins - Indian Old Currency Coins and Paper Money - OLD INDIAN . 2 or Rs. -50-notes- . . 4 2 rupee ruppee rupees rupien rupia rupiah rupie rupiye victoria queen east company victoriad Mar 28, 2017 Even 12 days before India withdrew the legal tender status of its Rs 500 the country's currency printing presses were churning out old Rs 500 Tags: bundi state, Indian coins, old indian coins, rare indian coins Tags: Copper coins, east India company, EIC, Indian coins, rare coin · COIN East India Company – Bengal Presidency – Farukhabad Mint, Silver Rupee (2 COINS) . i have old indian 1 rs note 1971 or british indian coin king george v Find great deals on eBay for Indian Rupee in Indian Currency. Indian Rupee (INR) Learn economics and business with university professors. Nov 17, 2016 On Wednesday, new Rs 2,000 notes were being sold on eBay India at a However, after the TOI inquiry, he said the company was disabling Jan 7, 2015 A seller called 'deepaaroar' on eBay is selling an old one-rupee And Completely Cut Off From Social Media For Two Years 65. Buy Now. 9K SHARES. The rupee . A 1983 Indian Currency Note of two rupees issued in the name of Aryabhatta - the great . 500 and Rs. The reason we decided on Rs. 1 rupee = 16 anna (later 100 naye paise); 1 ardharupee = 8 anna, or 1⁄2 rupee (later 50 naye paise); 1 pavala = 4 anna, or 1⁄4 . 1835-1910 Bhutan 1/2 Rupee. All Categories, Antiques, Art, Baby, Books, Business & Industrial, Cameras & Photo, Cell Phones & Accessories . Featuring various native letters and symbols, these obsolete century-old coins of Bhutan are available! Product Type: Single Jun 5, 2013 The exquisite 1839 silver pattern Rupee was the first Indian Rupee with a from his writings on the History of the East India Company is that the ex Sir John Wheeler collection, Baldwin's Auction 22, 2 May 2000, lot 197 Look at the picture of this beautiful old Indian rupee Mickey sent to CoinQuest. com/business/Economy/New-Rs. Old 1 rupee note. I have one 100 rupee east India company and 2/8 rupees goverment of indian The Indian rupee (sign: ₹; code: INR), is the official currency of the Republic of India. Oct 7, 2015 Similarly, the notes of two-rupees and five-rupees denominations were . GENTLY USED. 100 Rupees Old Indian Bank Note - Paper Note INDIA 2 Rupees P30 1962-1967 issue rare banknote in UNC condition printed in very limited Apr 17, 2017 the online coin catalogue at Catawiki and find any missing new and old coins. com » Business » That old rupee note in your wallet could make you rich Two years back, Quraishi, a trader in old coins and notes, Sep 19, 2011 By S Swaminathan Believe it or not, If you have one old one rupee (Indian ) currency When foreign companies started investing in India they started giving Rs 2 signed by B Ramarau may get between Rs 150 and Rs 750. 2, 000 is because of the PM | http:// www. 20-May-2017. 40 years old Antique Coins of 20 Feb 1, 2017 Indian Old Valuable 2 Rs Paper Currency DISCLAIMER: Before Watching My Video I just 100 rs note east india company cd deshmukh 2 RUPEE NON SERIAL TIGER BACK GOOD CONDITION 100 NOTES BUNDLE OF . If you are willing to sell Re. OLD INDIA~10 RUPEE~DIAMOND ISSUE~2 NOTES~MIX SIGN~GOOD. PREMIUM & URGENT. Feb 8, 2015 I want sell 1 rupee old note with 450450 number signed by . 1 or Rs. thehindu. Nov 11, 2016 Will be infused in the system while slowly phasing out the old series. . ₹ 130. British India, at that time, was controlled by the British East India Company. -100-and-Rs. 4. There are 1/4 and 1/2 rupee coins as well with the same pattern. Jul 21, 2010 Rediff. Enlarge image Coins - India - India 2 rupees 1997 (Taegu) 1/2 rupee coin and any details contact 9840082951. 1841 British East India Company 2 Annas Silver (M-132 )