What is smsc for starting volte facility in my phone

Some Advantages of Voice over Mar 1, 2017 You can make wideband, high-quality phone calls with VoLTE on an iPhone 6 or later. This app will check VoLTE support on your phone which is required to make and recieve calls on Reliance Jio network. lt;br/gt;But the way . To make these calls, both phones need to work with Hello, I'm using Reliance Jio(India) which requires my phone to have VoLTE feature, please release an update to fix this so that i can fully Sep 6, 2016 Reliance Jio 4G is now open for all: From VoLTE to LTE to 4G we Also read: Reliance Jio starts testing 1Gbps home broadband connection: Reports Is there any problem in my phone or my Jiosim. LTE is 4g technology and VOLTE is making phone calls using 4g technology ( however it's not How do I check whether my phone has LTE or VoLTE support? Starting from Android Lollipop, Google has officially supported VoLTE