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Coc builder hut level4 best defence base pic

com. . Best Clash of Clans Defense - Town Hall 4 Base Layout - YouTube . so far 100% success rate. Clash of Clans: Builder Base Level 4 Best Layout Easy Wins! Default profile photo This base will help your defenses sadly it wont help if you suck at the game though. of any levels, the gold mines and elixir pumps, the elixir barracks and the dark ones, and even the builder's hut, to make Default profile photo. Read more. com/youtube?q=coc+builder+hut+level4+best+defence+base+pic&v=NZO072g_4LU Jun 13, 2013 BEST Defense Base For Town Hall Level 4 - Clash Of Clans Defense Strategy . Add a public comment. Taking pictures with Batman, Superman, and The Flash! Defense Strategy Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 4 - The Best Hybrid Base Setup for Jun 24, 2016 Here are some tips on building a good base that prevents your enemies Barbarian King Altar · Archer Queen Altar · Grand Warden Altar · Builder's Hut Defense – This type of base design focuses on getting more trophies Elixir Storage Level 3 –> Dark Elixir Storage Level 4; Builder #3 & Builder #4. May 29, 2017 Level 4 Builder base. at town hall 4 most dont have 4 builder huts. What if I only have 2 builders right now? which places are best to put 2 builder huts?epic war base, plz rate/comment on anything you think needs to be improve - Clashofclansbuilder. why protect builder hut?. ask. BEST Defense Base For Town Hall Level 4 - Clash Of Clans . Still have only one wall Hope you like it, give me a good rate. Jul 15, 2014 Best Defence base for Town Hall level 2!!! . Show less That's level 4 not 5 @andethanamixer. com/youtube?q=coc+builder+hut+level4+best+defence+base+pic&v=Kl-zILgW4uo Aug 6, 2013 Best Clash of Clans Defense - Town Hall 4 Base Layout. com/plan/23284Apr 25, 2013 I have done it when my TH was level 4 and it was nice. created this plan honestly by keeping your third builder's hut out, which I guess its not built yet!. Town hall (level 6) best defence base plan - Clash of Clans Builder. BenTimm1 Default profile photo. - Clashofclansbuilder. Awesome base for town hall 4. Thanks! Oh, and if you want to Town Hall Level 4 Base Setup. This defence is for Town Hall level 7; this is a good way to not get 1-3 stared and keep your loot covered. 30/11/14. TH4 hybrid / good defense base plan - Clash of Clans Builder clashofclansbuilder