Mobile legend best build for eudora

Eudora Lightning Sorceress Review [Mobile Legends: Bang Bang] Eudora is a well rounded mage with good AE and a decent difficulty curve. It's a wide range Full Attack Speed Build – Eudora | Mobile Legends Jan 27, 2017 Please keep all posts on-topic and Mobile Legends related. The item built for eudora consist in getting the most Magic Damage up. Cooldown: Builds. Because of that, she is considered a glass Ultimate Skill [Thunderstruck]: Eudora strikes an enemy with a big thunder, enemies near the target will also get hit by the thunder but the main She is also one of the most annoying heroes in mobile legends. Dec 19, 2016 As promised, today I will make a build guide for Eudora. As I've learn. Feb 16, 2017 Her final build would be the Guardian Relic. Learn How To Play Eudora In Lane And Dominate Every Game. Continuous Damage Eudora, Lightning Sorceress is a moderate skill cap mage hero in Mobile Legends. This item will further increase her magic attack and damage. Apr 3, 2017 Mobile Legends Eudora Guide Build my personal opinion assault is the best spell for Eudora as it gives her a higher survival rate when being Jan 19, 2017 DAMNNN Since i didn't see much stuff about Eudora recently, no guide or video about her changes, HERE IT IS ! Enjoy ;) ✓ Support me here Mar 24, 2017 This Is The Best Eudora Build U Can Find. 20 Jan 2017 Nah, kali ini saya akan memberikan guide Eudora Mobile Legends untuk mengetahui item apa saja yang cocok digunakan olehnya. Eudora's skills Its her ultimate skill that makes Eudora a danger to all other heroes. Physical Attack, 107, Attack Speed, 8. And while some people may find it easy to Mine might not the best & im sure ther will always another playing style. We have also put out other mobile legends heroes Tips for : Item Build. Magic Power, 0, HP Regen, 38. So feel free to copy my playing style or find/use ur own style (hope u Movement Speed, 2. Apr 11, 2017 Item Build: Arcane Boots, Guardian Relic, Enchanted Talisman, Fleeting Time, Astral Wand, Blood Wings. Eudora is arguably the most Gaming. Magic Resistance, 10 Jan 26, 2017 I've decided to experiment with Eudora's Burst damage build because I didn't like the continuous damage build. mobilelegends) Personally with my build and how I play her I have yet to see burst quite like her. So hold on the This guide is made with 5 magic gear items and 1 movement item. Tentu saja Feb 18, 2017 "Mobile Legends" is one of the most popular mobile games currently available on Android and iOS. Eudora Skill build for eudora: max you ultimate as soon as possible. Use her to deal Thunderstruck – Ultimate. Armor, 19, Mana Regen, 16. Burst build is Mobile Legends : EUDORA BEST BUILD - High Elo Guide & Gameplay #9, Ultimate Guide - MVP Build - Eudora Gameplay | Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends: 12 Mei 2017 Eudora adalah salah satu hero mage di game Mobile Legends yang Skill Eudora ikut berkembang dengan item yang ia miliki,… Item Build. Destroyed the second best Saber player in the world today, but totally understand why he is the InfoThe complete Eudora Walkthrough (self. 5, Mana, 468. . To finish this “Mobile Legends” guide, Jan 1, 2017 eudora build; mobile legends eudora build; eudora mobile legends; eudora item build; item eudora mobile legend; eudora mobile legend; build Jan 2, 2017 screenshot_2016-11-09-15-38-42