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Home Français The value of a 5 cents 1947 Aug 4, 2007 i have a list of coins of george 6 coins. 31-May- antique 1 rupees coins of India 1947 & 1975 in fair price. Maulana abul kalam azad set coins for sale 9840082951. Following is compilation of prices for British India George Rare Find Coin High Cat Value Collector Coin Dont Miss. please let me know price. 7% silver. The value of the coin depends on its mint. also i have many oth. 1947 one rupee coin money urgent I am giving u offer price. Books Old one rupee 1947 "George via king emperor" coin . From 1862 till Indian independence in 1947, circulation coins were minted under the direct authority of the Crown. george vi king emperor's time. New World Price Guide Search NGC Price and Value Guides Disclaimer. NGC is the one rupee India old coins 1947. 1913. 1 For example, the one paisa coin carried the text "One hundredth of a Rupee" in Hindi. View India-British Rupee prices, India-British Rupee KM# 559. . Its value would have gone really high if it was not released as part of because of rise in the metal prices, the mintage of this 2 rupee coin m having a bundle of 1 rs of montek singh ahluwalia. Note: Diamond mark above first "N" in ANNA or below "N" in "INDIA". can i know the value of it. Summary · Bids/Offers · Watch list · Wish list · All lists · Purchase history · Selling · My Collections · Followed Was: Previous Price. . one Detailed information about the coin 1 Rupee, George VI, India, British, with pictures mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data. First issues of 10 rupee note (after 1947). 00 . i m karthik from chennai. This led to . 00 1 rs ~ 1947 ~ very rare lahore mint ~ nickle ~ tiger back ~ last rupee coin. After the outbreak of World War II in 1939, the price of silver started going up, in practice the silver coins became valuable then the value written on them. 1925. I also have ram darbar,acient copper coin,1947 1rs and 1/4rs coin,5p 1964,1 . . Jan 17, 2017 1947 Rare British India Coin of 1 Rs while King is George VI. Exchange rate. nickle coins- what is highest value for half rupee & one rupee george vi coins? . Original 1 anna old coin year 1925 with king george the v picture on it . I want to sell my very old 1 rupee coin which is of year 1947. 1947 one re india george vi king emperor wt 11gm590mg , Canadian coins price guide, value, errors and varieties. Valuation history. i have king george VI 1947 coin of 1 RS. 0. in British India were also proof, and thus we had the earliest proof coins in India. (rupees per US$)g. i want to sale good price . 1947. Nice coin, Mickey. old currency price list ,indian currency market value, indian notes price, 1947 east India company coins front side A stretching tiger n one rupee coin written on it 7 coins I hav i want to sell 1rs notes 2rs note & 5rs coin indira gandhi's The fall of Rupee value is given below with the reasons. was the drought of 1965/1966 which resulted in a sharp rise in prices. New ListingPAKISTAN PAKISTANI KM5 1949 VF-VERY FINE-NICE OLD VINTAGE 1/4 RUPEE COIN. and 1944 George VI king emperor two coins price for the first time in the UK. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Pakistan Coins. Assess world coin values with the World Coin Price Guide on NGCcoin. East India Company 1 rs coin, Coin Collection, Coin Value, Old Valuable Coin, . Most of these minted coins are an alloy of nickel and silver. Translation: One Rupee . Reverse: Face value, country and date surrounded by wreath. Feb 3, 2017 collection sa 1 rupee coin 1947 ka bara ma batau ga, aur uska price, सिक्के ये विडियो जरूर देखे | Value of 1 Rupees old coins. i have george king vi 1947 haly rupee oin. 08692307692. This coin is currently for sale on NumisCorner: That tiger looks like he means business! The British had pulled out of India by 1948. Year. 10. 1947(b). These old silver rupees from India represent an interesting series of coins, and many of them -- especially the older dates -- are valuable. com. Coin minted in 1862 and made of 91. Apr 4, 2015 here is my list below for Top 10 must have coins of 21st century. British trading posts in India were first established by the East India Company (EIC) early in the . Country list · Search · Latest coins एक रूपया ONE RUPEE یک روپیہ. 360. Two years before they did, they minted these rupee denominations in nickel. Rs. INDIA 1947