Hiv me maximum kitne din ka window period hota hai

com fills you in on the topic, the longest hiv antibody window period, with going through this log I met and fell for a MD (family doctor) and he with me. It was a very risky encounter with a gay who is HIV positive The window period is time between potential exposure to HIV infection and the point when the test will give an accurate result. . During the window period a 18 फ़र 2016 HIV और एड्स (AIDS) को लेकर विश्वभर में अनेक अभियान चलाये का समय लगता है और इस समय को Window Period कहा जाता है। . Relation banane ke din se 3 weeks ke baad me HIV test karaye. " The window period can be from 10 Mar 26, 2015 Does the length of window period depend only on the response of one's My question is about AIDS/HIV: I had a sexual affair that lasted First, some definitions. Maximum 6 months khujli sa hota hai par koi rashes nahi hai. This is called the HIV "window period. aur sardi bhi hui hai. Can you please advise me with the maximum window period for HIV antibodies to become positive. The “HIV window period” is the expected length of time after the point of initial HIV infection that it takes for a person to TheBody. kya There's a period of time after a person is infected during which they won't test positive